Surfing is therapeutic you say?

Very well.

Last week, a video with the text “The Angriest Man In Surfing” was posted to Tik Tok showing a surfer dropping in on a “kid”, burning him and then colliding with him. The video then cuts to an argument on the beach where the Angriest Man throws a rock onto the kid’s surfboard putting a large gash in it. Angriest Man then paddles the kid’s board out into the water and pushes it out past the pier.

People were pretty quick to point out who the Angriest Man is on Tik Tok, Instagram and Reddit revealing that the surfer was local 59-year-old surfer Andy Lyons, a realtor who had previously run for The city of Malibu’s council.

The noise then caught the attention of his employers at The Agency Malibu, who announced they have since “parted ways” with Andy:

Unemployed Andy claimed the “kid” in question appeared to be in his mid-20s or older, and that prior to the incident, the “kid” had paddled up his inside on multiple occasions.

Surfing is therapy.

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