Procedure maps are written steps on how to succeed in a particular process

Procedure Maps

Should you’re enthusiastic about being the most efficient you’ll be able to be, then you need to get started developing your individual procedure maps. Procedure maps are written steps on how to succeed in a particular process that you just usually do on a daily basis.

Procedure maps are useful as a result of after getting a confirmed procedure, you’ll be able to now use that plan to outsource a definite process and release your time.

Despite the fact that you don’t have any plans on outsourcing, you must nonetheless create one as it’ll streamline the method and make issues more straightforward for you.

For instance, I do search engine optimization (search engine marketing) for other folks. As a substitute of mindlessly doing the duties wanted each and every time a consumer is available in, I apply the method map I created as a substitute.

Prior to, my procedure gave the look of this:

1 – Get a consumer

2 – Ask what my shopper needs me to do (which every so often has a tendency to be the issues that wouldn’t assist their particular issues)

3 – Do the duty they requested me to do

Now, my procedure seems like this:

1 – Get a consumer

2 – Allow them to fill-up the shape relating to a particular form of provider that they would like me to do

3 – In finding out if that’s the particular provider they want

4 – Settle for or reject the customer’s request.

5 – Allow them to know the most efficient answer for his or her drawback as a substitute.

This case is a bit of bit on a high-level stuff…

Let’s carry it all the way down to extra of an “on a regular basis” stuff you might stumble upon.

Let’s discuss deleting massive recordsdata you won’t want anymore. As a substitute of letting a large report accumulate digital mud, you’ll be able to streamline the method via making a procedure map. the use of=accounts-freeform_4


A- Have you ever opened the report within the ultimate 6 months?

B – If Sure, then you should still want it. Put it on an exterior arduous force as a substitute.

C – If No, then you definately won’t want the report anymore. Are you able to delete this report already?

D – Verify in the event you would possibly if truth be told want it at some point. Ask your staff in the event you nonetheless want the report.

E – If Sure, then don’t delete it however put them on an exterior arduous force as a substitute.

F – If no, then delete the report.

Your procedure map will clearly range in keeping with your company. Create one after which alter accordingly as you be informed extra about yours.

Motion Information:

1 – What duties are you doing on a daily basis that wishes a procedure map? Create one for each and every and put it aside on a brand new folder known as “Corporate Identify Procedure Maps.”

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