Leaked FBI record labels ‘extremist’ Betsy Ross flag, Gadsden Flag, 2nd Amendment, and additional: “Illegal”

Without a vote from Congress the captured rogue corporate will temporarily be prosecuting patriots who fly the freedom-loving symbols…

In step with Problem Veritas, an evident internal FBI report that leaked Tuesday lists the Betsy Ross American flag, the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, symbols of the 2d Amendment correct to stick and go through hands, and other imagery as symbols of “Army Violent Extremists” or illegal MVEs. The purported FBI forms were published in the course of the undercover journalism staff Problem Veritas, which discussed it purchased the report from a whistleblower inside the FBI.

FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
FBI unconstitutionally broadcasts two historic flags ILLEGAL…

The report is classified “Unclassified and Law Enforcement Refined” and contains the “FBI Within Use Most simple” disclaimer. The report states “the following symbols are used by Anti-Executive or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists, specifically Army Violent Extremists.”

The report lists “in most cases referenced ancient imagery or quotes” of MVEs, at the side of:

The report then lists other nebulous expressions of loose speech that the FBI is struggling to only settle for:

  • Boogaloo: an American flag with an igloo converting the 50 stars and a single Hawaiian-shirt patterned line. The time frame Boogaloo is a reference to the film Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo and appears to give an explanation for the potential of a 2d American civil fight.
  • Punisher Skulls

    FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
    FBI unconstitutionally broadcasts historic flags ILLEGAL…
  • 2A: the 2d Amendment correct to stick and go through hands
  • Electrical Resistance Symbol
  • Anarcho-Capitalism
  • various symbols of “Warrior Custom”
  • Molon Labe: a phrase that suggests “Come and take them,” which was once as soon as popularized the Spartan King Leonidas at the Struggle of Thermopylae, tough the Persians to take away the weapons of his opposing army.
  • A black and white or all-black American flag

“Fashionable use of symbols and quotes from American history, specifically the Trendy Fight, exists within MVE networks,” the report states/ “Historic and contemporary military problems don’t seem to be ordinary for MVE symbols.”

The FBI forgot one important flag from history…

Everyone knows the LEFT didn’t pay attention in school, or they attended an inner the city school where history wasn;t thought, on the other hand the new FBI have devoted a very important flag inside the patriot movement.

At the minor skirmish known as the Struggle of Gonzales—the principle land fight of the Texas Revolution towards Mexico—a small workforce of Texans successfully resisted the Mexican forces who had orders from Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea to grasp their cannon.

As a symbol of defiance, the Texans had shaped a flag containing the phrase “come and take it” (Spanish: Ven y tómalo) along side a black well-known particular person and an image of the cannon that they would received 4 years earlier from Mexican officials. This was once as soon as the equivalent message that was once as soon as sent to the Mexican government once they knowledgeable the Texans to return the cannon; lack of compliance with the initial requires ended within the failed take a look at in the course of the Mexican military to forcefully take once more the cannon.

Replicas of the original flag may also be seen inside the Texas State Capitol, the Austin puts of labor of JournoNews, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, the Sam Houston State Faculty CJ Center, the Faculty of Texas at El Paso Library, the Marine Military Academy headquarters construction.

The Come and Take It flag is a symbol from the Struggle of Gonzales this is prevailed by means of 183 years of Texas history. The flag stood for defiance towards Mexican dictatorship, and in this day and age the flag’s that suggests remains rooted in American patriotic pride.  It is the first flag used inside the Texas Revolution and on the subject of 200 years later it presentations no signs of going away.

Who has the balls to purge the FBI of autocratic left-leaning law-and-order types?

Emil Fiker knowledgeable JournoNews, “Donald Trump, Ron DeSantos, Ted Cruz would possibly simply step up in 2024 and return the rustic to the former limited-government form of constitutional government, on the other hand what will patriots do until then?”

FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
FBI unconstitutionally broadcasts historic flags ILLEGAL…

Georgia Marketing consultant Marjorie Taylor Greene referred to as for the purging of the FBI after the corporate listed a series of groups and their logos that it discussed were indicative of “defense force violent extremism” in a leaked training report.

The “House Terrorism Symbols Knowledge,” contains now not ordinary footage such for the reason that Betsy Ross flag (an earlier design of the U.S. flag that incorporates 13 stars as a substitute of 50), the Gadsden flag, the Gonzales fight flag, and the Liberty Tree.

Throughout the bulletin’s introduction, the FBI stressed that simply the usage of the symbols or words should be seen as evidence of wrongdoing. The report moreover lists U.S. Capitol riots taking pictures victim Ashli Babbitt as someone regarded as a “martyr” thru defense force violent extremists (MVE) and the 2d Amendment as how militias “justify their existence” because of the correct to go through hands.

“In order that is unexpected and it’s utterly incorrect,” Greene discussed. “The FBI should be purged of people who enjoy this and suppose that the ones, the ones logos, are examples of violent extremism on account of they’re no longer.”

“As a query of fact, most commonplace Americans far and wide The U.S. have the ones symbols and logos and do not suppose that actually [Ashli] Babbitt is by any means shape, or form a person that inspires them to attack the US government,” the Georgia Republican added.

Greene discussed she was once as soon as surprised that the Punisher skull was once as soon as built-in inside the bulletin to be a symbol associated with violent defense force extremism. The Punisher is a Wonder comic information personality, a vigilante who kills the corrupt and felony to seek vengeance for the lack of lifetime of his family. The overdue Military Seal marksman Chris Kyle had adopted the emblem throughout his time in Iraq, and Greene referred to as him a “great American sniper who we regarded as to be a hero.”

Why would the FBI elevate up Ashli Babbitt, Ruby Ridge and Waco?

The flags are one thing on the other hand why argue regarding the worse cases of abuse in FBI history?

Punisher skull
Punisher skull

In step with Texas political science professor, Emil Fiker, “The FBI brings them up in their ‘internal propaganda’ on account of they imagine thy were correct killing the ones citizens. Finally, it wasn’t supposed to be leaked most American imagine those extra-judicial killings were incorrect. Peculiar, I can use the phrase ‘extra-judicial killings,’ in most cases, that phrase is reserved for third-world and illegitimate governments. On the other hand on the other hand once they elevate up Ashli Babbitt, Ruby Ridge and Waco everyone knows their mentality. Words suggest problems and I know who you are in the course of the arguments you make. I know the middle of the FBI, merely from being attentive to them.”

The report moreover lists numerous now not ordinary phrases and references to events or other people shared thru MVEs. Among those references is the lack of lifetime of  Ashli Babbitt, a supporter of President Donald Trump who was once as soon as shot and killed thru a U.S. Capitol Police officer after she entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 part of a protest. Many of the honest knowledge brokers online have referred to as Ashli Babbitt, “a Tienaman Sq.-like murder.”

Another particular person referenced inside the FBI report is Duncan Lemp, who was once as soon as shot and killed in an early morning police raid on his area in March of 2020. Lemp’s family has insisted he was once as soon as asleep when he was once as soon as shot and killed.

The FBI report moreover moronically contains Ruby Ridge and Waco as possible MVE references.

Texas political science professor, Emil Fiker known to JournoNews, “If I’ve been the FBI I positive would now not indicate Ruby Ridge and Waco, the two worse examples they can come up with. The problem with Ruby Ridge and Waco are they are a number one examples of government and FBI abuse of the population. The ones are the two most potent arguments towards a Gestapo or Stasi-like national police pressure. They’ve always denied the ones accusations. The FBI is going to have a hard time denying this one. The report leaked to the clicking was once as soon as a training report, because of this that this left-wing propaganda continues to be being used by the FBI for new agents. They appear to justify their ugly history.”

Ruby Ridge in Idaho was once as soon as the site of a 1992 standoff between the friends and family of Randy Weaver and the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and U.S. Marshals. Weaver’s 14-year-old son Sammy was once as soon as killed throughout another of gunfire and his partner Vicki was once as soon as shot and killed thru an FBI sniper. Waco was once as soon as the site of a few different standoff between federal authorities and a non secular workforce known as the Division Davidians. Six Division Davidians were killed in a shootout with ATF agents as they attempted to raid the gang’s compound on Feb. 28, 1993 to serve a warrant on firearms charges.

The initial raid on the Division Davidians turned into a protracted standoff, which ended when the compound caught hearth, killing 76 more other people at the side of 25 children and two pregnant women. Critics of the federal government’s coping with of the standoff have discussed the hearth started as a result of the flammable tear gas they’ve been the usage of to drive the Davidians out of their compound.

“The use or sharing of the ones symbols by myself should no longer independently be regarded as evidence of MVE presence or affiliation, or serve as a hallmark of criminality, as many of us use the ones symbols for their distinctive historic that suggests or other non-violent purposes,” the report states.

Nearly always, the FBI refuses to reply to JournoNews requests for comments. And true to form, they would love this story simply to leave.