CNN caught in bold-faced lie about Christianity

CNN lied to it’s target audience and internet web page visitors after they printed an online article,” An ‘imposter Christianity’ is threatening American democracy

Verified within communications legally leaked to the media from inside CNN suggest that John Blake (reporter) knew the accusations about Christianity were not true and that Blake argues to his editors, “certain it will not be true, on the other hand we would like other people to understand Christianity as evil so as to put across down the status quo.”

John Blake and CNN lied after they reported that an “impostor Christianity is threatening American democracy.”

CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies
Professor Emil Fiker (El Centro School)

At a faculty dialogue board match (7/25/22) held on the campus of El Centro School retired political science professor, Emil Fiker, outlined to the curious group, “Mockingly, CNN has turn into the holy Scriptures of Marxist ideology and naturally they’ll want to damage other people’s self trust in Christianity and the only means they may be able to do this is with lies. So, get ready this is just a roadmap of their arguments to come back again one day.”

CNN LIED: “The rise up marked the main time many Americans discovered america goes via a burgeoning White Christian nationalist movement. This movement uses Christian language to cloak sexism and hostility to Black other people and non-White immigrants in its quest to create a White Christian The united states.

Professor Fiker outlined, “What CNN is saying that we are just a white Christian The united states taking a look white Christian nationalist movement members taking a look to eliminate any person of each different color.

Leaked emails to the click show that CNN steered 3 HUGE lies about Christians and history.

CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies
CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies

Number one was once as soon as believed that the USA was once as soon as based totally as a Christian nation. The Constitution, they’re pronouncing the articles has no longer the rest about God, the Bible or the 10 Commandments. And saying america was once as soon as based totally as a Christian nation ignores the fact that numerous its initial wealth was once as soon as derived from slave onerous paintings. And land stolen from the Native Americans.

Professor Fiker outlined, “No one mentioned Christians are (or were) highest. Under no circumstances by no means does being a Christian nation point out that you just reject or overlook in regards to the sins of The united states’s earlier. Now we have been sinners. We are just lately even higher simmer sinners; we’re striking on drag queen displays for kindergarteners. What?

When Professor Fiker was once as soon as asked, “Are at the moment’s Christian’s aware of history?” he spoke again, “Christian The united states is aware of the disasters and everywhere our history. It is been Christian ministers, pastors and leaders with a right kind understanding of the scriptures at the forefront of stopping in opposition to such disasters. And the American shortcomings.

The socialists a CNN lied that Christians presented oppression to The united states. Fiker outlined, “Well, now not in truth. Are you aware regarding the witch trials over in Europe? Yeah. Lasted a few years and plenty of years and plenty of years proper right here it was once as soon as stopped. And it best lasted about 18 months. Why is that? A Christian minister recognized, ‘Hi there, you may well be finding out the Bible incorrectly. Increase Mather was once as soon as instrumental in fighting the Salem witch trials. He mainly mentioned, ‘knock off the nonsense. We will be able to have to make use of the reason why to check out it.’ In spite of everything, there had to be 3 or further witnesses, and you have to have precise main points and evidence.”

Historically, that is right kind on the other hand CNN tried to obfuscate history to foster non secular insolation.

Fiker went on to explain how ministers and religious leaders moreover led the velocity in opposition to slavery. He mentioned, “True, they’ve been using the Bible to say we can have slaves. Certain, however it indisputably was once as soon as an incorrect understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and there are many examples of incorrect interpretations of passages, I will be able to’t get into all of them. Alternatively you’ll be able to’t blame Christianity because of some members don’t realize it.”

CNN lied that The united states’s wealth was once as soon as to derive from slave onerous paintings.

Fiker steered the varsity dialogue board, “ who used to say CNN’s lie? Our great, incredible, incredible president. Jefferson Davis. Yeah. Oh, Jeff used to say that all the time, ‘Americans wealth, it’s derived from slave onerous paintings. We will be able to’t have an The united states without slavery.’ Unfortunately for him, that’s not true. Jeff Davis could have been under the influence of alcohol when he mentioned it. Quite a few other people were clearly eating as soon as they’ve been spouting the out of date utterly erroneous and fairly more than a putrified out of date pro-slavery propaganda.”

CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies
CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies

Inside verbal change’s from CNN show that they purposefully brushed aside information covering slavery inside the beginnings. John Blake could have printed certain historical main points and declined.

The importation of slaves in North The united states did not turn into actually in depth until more than a century after its initial founding. No more than 5000 slaves were disembarked in any one year until 1727, when it began to significantly build up. It was once as soon as neatly after our founding that the number of slaves very a lot expanded.

Fiker outlined, “Does anyone take into account that if New England would were considered a country and now not England, New England would were considered the main country on the planet (50 years ahead of everybody else) to abolish slavery? True reality, New England abolished slavery 50 years faster than any person else.

In regards to the Plymouth colony, Dr. Fiker added, “Moreover did anyone know that our pilgrims, in reality because of a typhoon, had a slave ship wash up on their shores? And after they boarded the ship and discovered that it was once as soon as a slave ship, they arrested the captain and the staff. Then they took up collections in church. The left would delete the pilgrims from the equation because of how the Plymouth church used that money. It’s completely debunks the socialist view of our history. They use that money to mend the ship and hire a brand spanking new captain and staff. The Christians paid for the ship once more to Africa. CNN may not ever permit you to know that. Why?”

CNN erroneously claimed that slavery built our great financial device.

Professor Fiker spoke again, “It’s strange that CNN would say that. Slavery inside the areas which practised it in comparison to those parts of the country which failed to were ridiculously impoverished. Alexis de Tocqueville well-known that, ‘the colonies right through which there were no slaves was further populous and further filthy wealthy than those right through which slavery flourished.’

CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies
CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies

Alternatively why do the industrial main points trouble any person nowadays… I suggest the left has changed the definition so they may be able to now say, “I do not imagine we’re in reality in a recession.” They’re pronouncing this regarding the recession they resulted in. By way of the easiest way, does any person in this room actually really feel insulted; I suggest a couple of of you might have been teaching the definition of recession. And likewise you’ve been checking out on it. Students have left this faculty and returned area because of they couldn’t understand the idea that that neatly enough to make B on a multiple variety exam. However, the leaders in Washington DC it seems that would possibly solution that question appropriately each. It kind of feels that.”

The story of the South is one in every of stagnation and increasingly falling behind the rest of the rustic. Except the few house owners of enormous plantations, the people of the South were maximum regularly further impoverished than the people inside the North. Correct at the time of the Trendy Battle, the South have been made a wealthier house by the use of a long way, on the other hand their reliance on slavery slowly sapped the South’s wealth.

Fiker has been showed right kind. Monetary historians from Harvard and UC Davis have outlined, from 1774 to 1860, “The in step with annum enlargement fees for New England, 1.26 %, and the Middle Atlantic, 1.08 %, were neatly above the South’s 0.31 %.” For sure, by the use of 1860, the true product in step with capita inside the South was once as soon as over 40 problems behind New England. A Harvard monetary find out about known that even at the moment there exists, “the most important adverse dating between earlier slave use and provide monetary potency.”192 In reality, “a wide variety of slavery were adverse,” to monetary development.

It was once as soon as in 1793 that Noah Webster recognized that: “In no specific are the deplorable result of slavery further visible than in checking or destroying national industry [productivity]. Any place we turn our eyes to view the comparative result of freedom and slavery on agriculture, arts, business and science, the ideas is deeply affected at the astonishing difference.…To labour just for the benefit of other men is repugnant to every concept of the human heart.”

CNN lied that The united states’s land was once as soon as stolen from the Native Americans.

Fiker recognized that The united states’s land was once as soon as NOT stolen from Native Americans. He steered the objective marketplace, “ministers and religious communities were at the forefront in treating native tribes with respect and honored land gives. CNN, it’s true; you don’t want to concentrate it on the other hand Christians sided with the Indians. The non secular pilgrims strictly best occupied land lawfully purchased. This land was once as soon as bought at a price agreed upon by the use of the native tribes in founding Plymouth in 1620. To start with of King Phillip’s Battle in 1675, Plymouth Governor Joshua Winslow outlined, I imagine I will be able to clearly say that faster than the ones supply troubles broke out, the English did not possess one foot of land in this colony that was once as soon as unfairly purchased.”

CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies
CNN roasted over Anti-Christian lies

Reverend Roger Williams lawfully purchased the land at a price agreed upon by the use of the native tribes so as to came upon Rhode Island in 1636.

Reverend John Davenport lawfully purchased the land at a price agreed upon by the use of the native tribes so as to came upon New Haven in 1637.

In founding Pennsylvania, the students and college discovered an implausible indisputable fact that man had not at all heard faster than. In keeping with Dr. Fiker, “William Penn purchased Pennsylvania from the Indians, on the other hand there was once as soon as a subject matter after they purchased the land from one tribe, the other tribes mentioned, “They stole it from us. We’re the true house owners.” And so William Penn purchased it over again from a second tribe and then a third tribe were given right here in. It mentioned, “yeah, on the other hand they stole it from us.” William Penn bought th land 3 separate events merely to ensure he had secured a clear identify.

Fiker asked the gang to bear in mind the 1888 wall map of Jamestown versus the pilgrims which have been in a lot of study rooms as soon as they’ve been emerging up.

Fiker went on to suggest, “Whilst you check out that map proper right here, it displays Jamestown is was once as soon as in response to slavery. It becomes an absolute nightmare and the whole lot goes sour from there. This is the same argument that we had faster than the civil combat. Why are we a country honest based totally in slavery with Jamestown? Or are we a Christian nation that come from the pilgrims? In reality rather of every, on the other hand finally… the Christina pilgrim customized wins. The Pilgrims tried to do the problems right kind? CNN may not permit you to know the true nature of Plymouth.”

CNN lied after they say Christins beelive in a warrior Christ.

CNN LIED: Motion pictures from the January 6 attack show a chaotic, tear-gas-soaked scene at the Capitol that gave the impression further like a medieval struggle. Insurrectionists punched law enforcement officials, used flagpoles as spears and smashed officers’ faces in opposition to doors while a mob chanted, “Combat for Trump!” The attack left 5 other people unnecessary and with reference to 140 regulation enforcement officers injured. The incongruity of other people dressed in “Jesus Saves” signs while turning into a member of a mob whose members are pummeling law enforcement officials results in an obvious question: How can White Christian nationalists who claim to look at Jesus, the “Prince of Peace” who renounced violence inside the Gospels, fortify a violent rise up?

Fiker recognized that, “Any other other folks would in all probability apply the Jesus depicted inside the Book of Revelation, the Warrior with eyes like flames of hearth and a robe dipped in blood that can lead armies from heaven on white horses inside the final triumphant struggle in opposition to the forces of the Antichrist. Alternatively that’s what he will do. Now not us. He’s going to lead armies, now not us. In what church, by the use of the easiest way, is any person taking note of Jesus was once as soon as proper right here to kick butt? Does any person anywhere recall a modern sermon or? Where the pastor depicted or a stained glass window where Jesus turns out like John Wayne with a .45 strapped to his belt? The left needs you to assume that.

Here’s what mainstream Chrisianity teaches. God is a lamb. Jesus is a lamb, on the other hand he can also be a lion and he will roar sooner or later. We want to apply in his footsteps and love even our enemies if we expect to be on his side. Differently, when he roars, we can be destroyed too. Jesus is not a terrorist like CNN suggests. Other people would have appreciated him to have smitten Lenin, Hitler, Casto and a few other socialist leaders, on the other hand he is not a killer. He died for our sins, he didn’t the rest to defend even his non-public existence.

CNN lied after they mentioned there are “exact Americans” and people who don’t deserve the American protections.

CNN LIE: Throughout the 2008 presidential election, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin introduced a brand spanking new time frame to the political discourse. She discussed “the true The united states” and the “pro-The united states areas of this great nation.” Since then, many conservative political candidates have used the time frame “exact Americans” to draw contrasts between their supporters and their opposition. Such language has been co-opted proper right into a worldview held by the use of many White Christian nationalists: The rustic is divided between “exact Americans” and other voters who don’t deserve the equivalent rights, professionals on White Christian nationalism say.

Dr. Fiker asked the objective marketplace within the match that they know who the ones professionals were. None did and then Fike admitted, “There are exact Americans. Alternatively that has no longer the rest to do with the Christians, faith or doctrine. No longer the rest. What? CNN is so opposed to hear the time frame exact The united states is something that Americans used to seem as a reward. It’s particular person liberty. It is the right kind to existence, liberty and assets. The facility to protect those rights as your own first responder. This can be a accept as true with that there is a regulation of the land and that we are a land of laws and now not men. On account of that, no man, no one particular person is above the regulation. The actual The united states is an The united states of freedom. And those freedoms come with tasks, and those freedoms will have to not at all be infringed upon by the use of the national executive, nor the people with different political affairs which might be residing in massive cities on the coast. Nor can the people in the course of the country take away the rights from the people who live inside the massive cities on the coast. Consider in limited govenrment and federalism are the only problems required to be an American. Your race, your religion, your station in existence, your coaching where you might be residing, your accept as true with in lower or higher taxes does now not make you an American. In case you are a Democrat, you’ll be able to be a real American while you don’t advokate a Soviet software of government. YOu can merely be a real American while you don’t try to change us into a third world financial device. The actual American believes really in one thing, and if we can disagree at the entirety else, you consider that all men are created similar and endowed by the use of a creator with certain inalienable rights. Lifestyles, Liberty and the pursuit, happiness and governments are instituted among men who protect those rights. This is all you need to consider in.”

Professor Fiker destroyed CNN’s lie by the use of bringing up, “There are numerous individuals who want to be ‘exact Americans.’ Have you ever ever noticed the entire people are flocking to The united states; it’s for a very good the reason why. They come across the border, they do the whole lot they may be able to because of in their nation their station of existence is permanent. You may well be born in poverty, you might be residing in poverty. You’ll be able to no longer change your station in existence and the government plays video video games, they make a selection favourites. Because of this they were given right here proper right here  They were given right here proper right here because of they consider they have a chance now. The united states has now not all the time been that place, on the other hand the question is, is an opportunity proper right here bettering or getting worse? The socialists in The united states would make this country just like the country they escaped.”

After addeessing the gang the varsity’s Dean of Students opened it up for questions.

What do you need to say to the cancel custom?

EMIL FIKER: We will be able to need to now not be taking a look to abolish The united states. We will be able to should be taking a look to be upper at our undertaking statement that all men are created similar. CNN is hinting that The united states sucks and so they would really like everyone to assume that what the founders did was once as soon as improper.

Why can’t the socialists respect the 10th Amendment?

EMIL FIKER: They’re going after things like the Electoral School. They would really like other people in New York and Los Angeles to dictate how other people live their lives in places like Idaho or Texas. I aren’t in search of Idaho or Texas telling New York or California how you can live their existence, what to do with their own governments. This is their variety.

Is the prevailing situation and open borders destructive or helpful?

EMIL FIKER: The socialists want open borders as long as those borders don’t reach their own cities. They would really like our cities to burn if their requires are not met, as long as those cities aren’t their own. From time to time they are their own and they don’t care. We don’t consider that Americans don’t consider that. Democrats don’t consider that. Democrats in power would in all probability, the fake Democrats or should I say Marxist leaders. They are posing as Democrats; they consider that something is improper with The united states. Alternatively exact Americans don’t. The actual The united states is best an The united states working underneath its constitution. And Declaration of Independence, and I’m sure a large majority of Christians imagine the Constitution, on the other hand you don’t want to be a Christian to live underneath the constitution.

Change can be destructive right kind?

EMIL FIKER: If you don’t imagine the Constitution and you want to switch the Constitution, now not during the typical constitutional process because of you’ll be able to amendment, amend it. You don’t want guns, then amend the Constitution. If you want to transfer outdoor of the Constitution, damage it or change it by the use of each different way then in truth by the use of definition you’ll be able to no longer be now not a real American.

I in my view consider The united states was once as soon as a mistake…

EMIL FIKER: If you don’t like The united states differently you assume this can be a mistake, if you don’t like the rules, then be offended. It’s pleased with me while you’re mad. We’re merely soliciting for those rules to make use of in a similar way to everyone.

Do you ever assume CNN will transfer bankrupt?

EMIL FIKER: No, there will all the time be socialist to look at there targets on TV fortunately their targets are just about all the time dashed by the use of reality. CNN does no longer the rest on the other hand assault other people of faith and civil executive. If there were Christian that in reality resembled CNN’s false narrative, then I might be copncerned. Alternatively CNN broadcasts lies supposedly written by the use of professionals. They don’t seem to be professionals in theology and they are not professionals in history. They are uneducated socialist propagandists, skilled Marxists like Lenin and socialists like Hitler.

Why is religion becoming a lot much less in taste?

EMIL FIKER: The mainstreaming of white Christian rejecting organized religion. For the main time in history, remaining one year, membership in communities of worship fell underneath 50%. Consider in God is at all-time low. Why is that? Is that because of our white nationalist Christians? Or is that because of our society? Is that because of our universities? Is that it because of, like Woodrow Wilson mentioned, the aim of a faculty is to make an individual one of the crucial no longer like his father as imaginable.

It’s hard to consider our executive will collapse if we aren’t all Christians. What gives?

EMIL FIKER: I’m now not saying everyone must be a Christian, I’m best saying most people are, or were, they typically hate that. Faith in God and Christianity, most often, that is what’s on trial proper right here. As I showed you proper right here in our little be in contact, this country is a Christian nation. It is what our founders believed, and it is what led them to create the Constitution and our laws. The rustic was once as soon as built on Christian concepts, on the other hand it is not a government of Christians; it is a nation that is Christian, the government is independent and protects everyone in a similar way.

So why has faith in God been so eroded?

EMIL FIKER: For the reason that socialists don’t consider in God; he best gets in the easiest way of their thought to regulate the whole lot. They have carried out the whole lot to pull down our institutions. To them, it all has to come back backtrack and it’s the equivalent ways that we have seen in places identical to the 1930s in Germany, the Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba. CNN’s contemporary article is simply every other Marxist attack and it is easy to debunk while you look to history for the answer.



















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