1777 – Articles of Confederation Followed

Articles of Confederation Followed

After the Declaration of Independence used to be signed however sooner than the warfare used to be over, the 2nd Continental Congress had every other primary job—to coordinate all 13 colonies. Because the participants of the Congress had an ideal mistrust of robust central govt, they made up our minds to continue with a type of governance referred to as a confederation, a free grouping of robust states that used to be overseen, however now not managed by way of, a central govt. The aim of this central govt used to be to assist mediate disputes between colonies, to barter with the remainder of the arena, and to equip, teach, and command the military all over the warfare with Britain. The Articles of Confederation put into position a central authority that, all over the warfare, labored slightly successfully however within the aftermath used to be too susceptible to assist the newly unbiased states paintings cohesively. This weak point in the end resulted in the introduction of the Charter of america.

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Writer: Andrew Russell